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CREATION PART V : Any artwork requires a little bit of ground work
Now here come the process
You watch the evolution movie forward
Till you start building a better piece
But you have to make sure that along the process
You’re actually building
A better you

CREATION PART IV : The will of a champion starts with a vision
A dream that comes true with the knowledge
A dream that comes true with the experience
Now we seek for that source of knowledge
In order to create more space for our imagination to expand

CREATION PART III : You’re a complex person
Not in the sense of “complicated”
but because you focus on your flaws
Now what if someone tells you that perfection
Resides in Imperfection
And you might be the only sane person in this world
Maybe it’s time to let go

CREATION PART II : The character is a mask we build with our story
It reveals itself through the journey for freedom
Now all these connections in our lives helps to enhance that quest
For freedom of expression, freedom of the mind, body and soul
The freedom
Of your style


PART I - CREATION : An artist in a rush has to be creative
But also has a hard time to reach most of the inspiration in the brain
Now what if the artist stops
And takes time to sit down
And finds a way to get closer and closer
To the true self